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  RasterEarth - What's this?

"RasterEarth" is a program to convert of georefereneced rastermaps (digitized cadastral maps , digital topographic maps, Orthophotos)

  • for a preview as Ground Overlay in "Google Earth":
    The output is a file in the Google-Earth-KMZ format. One may send these kmz-files per EMail and view them on each computer that has "Google Earth" installed. RasterEarth then is'nt neccesary yet.
  • to an integrated view of raster maps on a  road map and/or on the corresponding aereal or satellite photo,
    External programs as Google Earth are'nt neccesary to do so, you need only a internet connection to load the background fotos from the web
  • for the output as an  Google-Earth-kmz file for the use on Pocket PC,
    a special optimization for Pocket-PC allows now to view also bigger background foto maps on mobile devices
  • for the  output as WGS84-coded raster map with world file (TIFF+TFW, PNG+PGW, u.a.)

En example: View of the borders of a property in its natural environment

You've got a cadastral map with the borders of your property but you are'nt sure where this border is really located in the nature (border problems with neighbours, plantings, partial division of the field for special use).

The resolution of the aereal fotos of "Google Earth" is meanwhile for a big part of Europe very good. This precision is comparable with normal GPS-Measurements.

Cadastral map

Coordinate System
Gauss-Krueger 3° 
System 42/83
4. meridian stripe


Aereal Foto
in "Google Earth"

Coordinate System:

Aproximately here must be the field 234/12.

View of the property borders on the aereal photoafter conversion with RasterEarth

The owner of property 234/27 has planted directly on the border of 234/12.
A way that was the border years ago is'nt visible yet.