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P l u g I n s
  >> for the GPS Import in DeltaGIS

Further formats for the GPS-Import in DeltaGIS may be added by free Plugins.
Type File Download
GPX GPS Exchange XML (*.gpx) topografix-gpx-plugin.exe
FarmWorks GPS Log (*.gpl) farmworks-gpl-plugin.exe
Kraft u. Butzke Gauss 103 (*.geo) kb-gauss103-plugin.exe
MeterGraph (*.gps) metergraph-gps-plugin.exe
GPSAuge (*.txt) gpsauge-txt-plugin.exe

Ask for more plugins.

Additional Languages
  >> for all DeltaGIS Map and Project Edition 5.x
Language Download
french French   dg-ld-fr5.exe
Spanish Spanish   dg-ld-es5.exe
Czech Czech   dg-ld-cz5.exe