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D e l t a A r e a

  >> Record and Control Areas with Pocket PC and GPS
>> The mapper in your pocket

  • Automatic and manual recording of field outlines, pathes and fixpoints by GPS
  • The whole enterprise on the Pocket PC:
    DeltaArea stores an arbitrary number of areas, lines and points into a single map file.
  • Better overview by colored figures
  • Automatic deteccion of the GPS receiver
  • Easy handling without stylus:
    The Pocket PC is usually handled with the stylus. Outdoor on the field this is ineligible and furthermore it's dangerous while driving in a car.
    Buttons and dialogs are designed to allow handling with only the finger.
  • Like a mobile phone:
    Take the Pocket PC in your right hand. Then all relevant functions of DeltaArea may be handled by the thumb.